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🚀 Get a Premium Offshore Virtual Assistant at Half the Cost of an In-House Employee!


Discover the power of Vera Virtual Assistant and  Virtual Executive Assistant expertise.

Save 25%
    Free/ 4-Hour Trial
    • 4-hour free trial of Virtual Assistant Services
    • Optimize your time and explore partnership possibilities.
    • Witness the value of offshore virtual assistants.
    $400/ week
    • Top 3% of offshore virtual assistant talent.
    • Dedicated full-time virtual assistant (40 hours per week).
    • Meet your potential assistants before committing.
    • Free replacement and recruitment cover.
    • Monthly consultations and 24/7 client support.
    $650/ week
    Includes all the benefits of the Vera VA Pro Plan, Plus:


    • Top 1% of Offshore Virtual Executive Assistant Talent.
    • Expert delegation manager and a strategic partner.